We offer a collection of cheers that are in the hearts of some people.

SARAH PALIN: Money, Money, Money, Hold That Straw, Hold That Straw Straight!

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Build them fences, Build them fences, keep them high, keep them high.

TIGER WOODS: Viagra, Viagra, Raise it on high, raise it on high.

JOHN MCCAIN: Maverick, Maverick, Change Your Mind, Change Your Mind, Get The Votes!

TONY BLAIR: WMD, WMD, Lie it up, Lie it up, Lie It up

DICK CHENEY: Darth the Vader, Darth the Vader, Man of Gloom, Man of Gloom!

DON RUMSFELD: Stand Up Straight, Stand Up Straight, Never Sit Down, Never Sit Down.

MICHAEL JORDAN: Sell them sneakers, sell them sneakers, Keep Kids Working, Keep Kids Working

HEDGE FUND MAN: Sell them Bonds, Sell them Bonds, Sell the lie, Sell the lie!

PRESIDENT KARZAI: Keep Corruption, Keep Corruption, Make us Rich, Make us Rich

TEA PARTY HACKS: Rich pay no taxes, Rich pay no Taxes, Keep them wealthy, Keep them wealthy!

REPUBLICAN SENATORS: Destroy America, Destroy America, Get them Votes, Get Them Votes!

GEORGE BUSH: Chop that wood, Chop that wood, See no evil, See no evil, Chop that wood!