Chemical Weapons Used In Syria!

There is growing anger in many parts of Europe, the United States and in some Muslim societies over evidence the government of President Bashar al-Assad is now employing chemical weapons against the people of Syria, and guess who lives in Syria? French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius made clear to the media that if the Assad government is responsible for the massacre of people with chemical weapons, “we need a reaction by the international community..a reaction with force.” He did not appear to be hinting on soldiers on the ground, but raised the possibility of use of air power.It is now believed that hundreds died in the attack on Ghouta, a rebel held area.

The Security Council expressed “concerns”but Russia and China were not too certain there was anything to be concerned about.Naturally, the Russian foreign ministry blamed rebels for staging the chemical attack. What else could be the explanation for this massacre. We all know that President Assad loves all those in his land.

So,what does one do when a leader is using chemical weapons? How about deciding the chemical weapons were really actual bombs. It is perfectly OK to kill with a real bomb.