Chen Can Go Or Stay!

The one certainty in American life is regardless of what Presidnt Obama or
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton do, Mitt Romney would have done it better.  Hillary Clinton worked  quietly behind the scene using the best strategy of diplomacy in order to secure the safety of Chinese dissident Chen Guangchenk, but Republicans prefer making demands and threatening the Chinese government. On which planet do these folk live? Clinton has limited power and she does NOT have the power to compel China to do anything.

Initially, Clinton thought she could persuade the Chinese government to allow him to remain in the country, but Chen had doubts. First, he wanted to stay, then he wanted to go. “i want to meet with Secretary Clinton I hope I can get more help from her.” Most probably, Chen over estimates the power of the US government to force China to do anything.

Clinton has arranged for Chen and his family to leave and he will obtain a position at an American university. The Chinese government will accept “Mr. Chen’s application for  appropriate travel documents.” There is only so much the US can do in  shaping Chinese policy.  Live in the real world.