Chen Guangcheng A Problem

Chen Guangcheng is a brave man and a  fighter for human rights in a nation which does not look gently upon those who seek these goals. He has been brutalized, his family has been terrorized and he has been denied basic human rights by a government which simply wants to control all aspects of life. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Beijing for important discussions with China concerning economic and security issues. So, what greets her in this tense time–the escape of Chen. US officials cooperated and got him to safety in the American Embassy.

Mitt Romney and Republicans now attack Hillary Clinton for not doing enough. The American government gave Chen safety. At this point, things get confused. Initially, Chen praised Hillary Clinton for her aid and wanted to “kiss her.” Then, he complained that he was pressured by the US government. One comes away from this incident with evidence that Chen simply did not grasp that Clinton did not have power to bully China into doing what he desired. He did not understand the limits of power and influence possessed by Hillary Clinton.

In a sense, Chen blindsided Clinton and wanted actions over which she lacked control. The days of America ISSUING DEMANDS on China are over. Most likely, it is best if Chen and family spent time in America as a professor and student.