Cheney-Blame Israel-Palestinian Issue On The Devil

The conflict between Israel and Arabs goes back over fifty years, but according to Vice President Dick Cheney the effort to torpedo peace negoations is being led by Hamas with the support of Iran and Syria. “It is clearly a difficult situaiton, in part because I think if it’s true, there’s evidence that Hamas is supported by Iran and Syria and that they’re doing everything they can to torpedo the peace process.” Cheney, after talking with President Abbas, is convinced there will be no Fatah-Hamas reconciliation until Hamas returns control over Gaza to President Abbas. Cheney also emphasized chances for peace were hampered by the continual rocket attacks from Gaza.

When asked by reporter his reaction to the 4000th Americ an death in Iraq, the vice president said, “the president is the one that has to make that decision to send young men and women into harm’s way. It never gets any easier.”

The Bush administration tragedy in dealing with the Israel conflict with Palestinians is failure to exert pressure on the Olmert government to cease their policy of killing militant leaders when a cease fire has been declared. Cheney’s unconditional support of the Barak strategy of kill, kill, kill, has damaged opportunities for peace.

Vice President Cheney and President Bush undoubtedly feel pain in the death of American soldiers and it is a difficult task sending young people into harm’s way. Of course, Bush and Cheney in their own lives made certain they personally never got in harm’s way.