Cheney Family Squabbles

Liz Cheney, daughter or Dick, decided the state of Wyoming needed her talent, her intelligence and her dedication to freedom and thus entered the race to prevent Republican Senator Mike Enzi from getting re-elected. Within a few weeks of presenting herself to the voters of Wyoming, Liz infuriated her lesbian sister, Mary by telling voters of her opposition to gay marriage. Mary responded with fury and told people in Wyoming and America that “I love my sister, but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage.” Naturally, when it comes to politics, dad is always on the side of those who hate so he took the side of Liz even though for years he has taken the side of Mary.

Anyway, Mary, most probably after consulting poll numbers,informed the folk in Wyoming that she would not continue her quest to join fellow Tea Party folk in Washington and withdrew due to “family issues.” She also made clear that “as a mother and a patriot, I know the work of defending freedom and protecting liberty must continue for each generation.” As I recall, when Dick Cheney got his draft notices during the Vietnam war, he obtained several deferments because he had “more important things to do in his life” other than risking it in Vietnam. Now this is definitely a family that stands strong for taking risks–as long as someone else is taking the risk. Dad was a coward and so is Liz.

Our hat is off to the only patriot in the Cheney family and her name is, MARY!