Cheney In Turkey Discussing Middle East

Vice Presdient Dick Cheney is holding talks with Turkish military and civilian leaders during a quick stop-over on his way back home. he reviewed with Turkish officials the need for ongoing cooperation in sharing intelligence between the countries and he urged Turkey to increase its troop presence in Afghanistan, especially in southern regions of the country where there is an extensive Taliban presence. The vice president also wants Turkey to use its influence and persuade Iran to halt further development of its nuclear program. He was also expected to promote the US led missile project that supposedly protects Turkey, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria against missiles from someone.

Protestors gathered in the streets and chanted messages like, “Cheney, get out of Turkey, get out of Iraq” and asked why their nation’s leaders were meeting with someone they considered to be a ‘war criminal.”

One of the mysteries of the current military defense process is why the United States is creating an anti-missile system to protect European Union nations such as Greece or Rumania or Poland or the Czech Republic. One would assume if the EU feels there is a missile threat it is perfectly capable of developing its own anti-missile program. Why is the United States undertaking such a task? These are the questions raised inside Russia and they are legitimate ones.