Cheney’s Iraq Folly!

It is the fifth anniversary of the birth of the Iraq folly initiated by the dynamic trio of Dick, Don, and George. Saudi Gazette writers blasted the continued blindness of Vice President Cheney to what he helped create five long years ago. “Listening to US Vice President Dick Cheney’s speech in Baghdad Monday was almost a surreal experience, so divorced from reality it was.” The vice president said he saw “phenomenal” and “dramatic” improvement in security since his last visit in 20007. “Such choice of words is phenomenal and dramatic coming from the second most powerful man in the US aqdministration–who was greeted with no less than three blasts as he stepped off the plane.” On that same Monday, two US soldiers died in roadside blasts, two others died when a bus blew up, the US consulate in Babel was shelled with rockets, and a Iraq policeman got killed.

According to the Saudi Gazette, “Obviously, Cheney is in a phenomenal and dramatic state of denial. Cheney hmself probably doesn’t believe his own words when he says that an improvement in security doesn’t mean more troops will automatically be pulled out after July. And, then he says that the Arabs might do some good by sending their ambassadors back to Baghdad to quell Ian’s influence.”

In closing, the newspaper notes: “The conundrm of security (or lack thereof) is simply the inevitable result of the Pandora’s box the American adminsitration opened five years ago. When the US army says that it is holding a whopping 23,000 Iraqis in two prisons, they would be foolish to expect Iraqis to welcome them with roses. Cheney’s crystal ball might need a litte buffling. Handshakes with iraq officials might make for good photo ops, but charred bodies and coffins of dead troops never looked good in photos.”