Chew On This Story

Riots are sweeping through the Middle East, oil prices are rising, Gaddafi is killing hundreds of his own people, but a mayor in Turkey has identified the most important issue that confronts his nation–chewing gum! The mayor of Ankara was furious when President Sarkozy arrived in Turkey and walked down the stairs of his plane chewing gum! Mayor Melih Gokcek, gazed at the French president and was furious. “Sarkozy came down the steps of the plane chewing a wad of gum. He stopped for a moment, looked around, and continued to chew… I personally was offended. Previously, he showed similar disrespect to our President Gul in France.”

So what did Gokcek do when he saw President Sarkozy off? “I took out the chewing gum from my mouth.” Now, that is the way to handle these damn Frenchies who come visiting. I assume we can term the visit a chewless one.