Chicago Teacher Strike

The most abused expression in the English language is: education reform. Mayor Emanuel of Chicago demands that teachers accept evaluation of their performance by relating test scores to individual teachers. In his view “reform” will emerge if students score higher on exams. Actually, the easiest way to increase test performance is to have teachers instruct students in the best memory strategies since tests only require feeding back to teachers what they taught.

All “education reformers” continue insisting we should continue teaching what we teach and just make certain students offer evidence they were taught. Unfortunately, what is being taught today has nothing to do with life in the 21st century. A person who fell asleep in 1999 and awoke today would not  be surprised by school curriculum.

We need to change the curriculum of schools to make it relevant to 21st century life. If we did that students would be learning: critical thinking skills, networking skills, how to work through failure, how to become a life long learner and creative thinking about their own lives.