Chilcot Inquiry Learns No Iraq WMD

The real story about the invasion of Iraq in 2003 is becoming clear as one witness after another at the Chilcot inquiry reveals then Prime Minister Tony Blair was repeatedly told there were no WMD and that Saddam Hussein posed no threat to either the United States or the United Kingdom. Jack Straw who was the foreign minister of the UK in 2003 wrote a personal letter to Blair in which he made clear any invasion of Iraq was not legal, and to participate in such an adventure would require a new United Nations mandate. He stated, “regime change per se is not justification for military action.” But, Tony wanted to show his buddy, George, of his undying loyalty to an incompetent, ignorant man who probably could not even locate Iraq on a map without special assistance.

Straw made clear there was no evidence that the “threat from Iraq has worsened as a result of 11 September.” In other words, there were no WMD, there was no Saddam link to al-Qaeda and going to war was an invitation to disaster.

When will the United States have its version of a Chilcot inquiry is the real question?