Chilcot Investigation And Iraq War

The Chilcot investigation continues into what happened in March, 2003 that resulted in the United Kingdom becoming an ally of the United States in the ill fated invasion of Iraq. Former prime minister Tony Blair will appear this Friday to explain his claim that Saddam Hussein was building a “growing” program of weapons of mass destruction. He will be asked to explain why he misled parliament in September, 2002 when he described Saddam Hussein’s WMD program as “active, detailed and growing.” Sir Rod Lyne, a former ambassador to Moscow, has examined documents related to the war and is struggling to “find that evidence” within the documents that indicate Saddam had such a program in operation.

Jonathan Powell, former chief of staff of Blair, told the committee, the Blair government was “wrong” to make such claims and “wrong” as to the estimate of how many troops would be required both to conquer Iraq and maintain stability. According to Powell, “Iraq did not have WMD. We were wrong. The intelligence was wrong.” He also admitted the government lacked any comprehension as to what would happen after the defeat of Saddam and the potentiality for Shiite-Sunni conflict.

It is wonderful to finally get at the truth of mistakes. Could Powell or Blair explain where they were right about anything?