Child Abuse Abusive

There is something strange when an important issue confronting a church is whether or not it allows its ministers of God to abuse little children. Pope Francis has established a special committee whose task is to confront the issue of child abuse in the Catholic church. Among the initial tasks is to develop a code of professional conduct for members of the clergy. Let me get this clear, the Catholic church has to establish guidelines regarding the behavior of its clergy. This is interesting. An institution which has been around for a couple of thousand years has finally decided to establish rules of conduct for its ministers of faith. Obviously, all would agree this is necessary. The only question is why did the church wait a few thousand years before realizing in this need for action.

It is easy to mock the Catholic church for this delay. But, then again, I reside in the United States of America which took over fifty years before realizing the nation required a national health insurance scheme. Of course, we obtained a social security system fifty years after Germany had established such a process for their elderly. Oh well, some institutions DO finally understand the need to do something-eventually.

There was a boy around my block in the Bronx who struggled with critical thinking. He would come up to me and say, “tomorrow is Thursday.” I would respond, “but, Hymie, tomorrow is Tuesday.” He would respond, ” but tomorrow is Thursday, eventually.”