Child Labor Common In Jordan

The country of Jordan has done little to deal with the growth of child labor even tough the law says those under 16 can not be working full time. However an estimated 30,000 children are working in areas such as agriculture, construction, car repair and the thousands of stalls that line the streets of cities. According to Issa Masarweh, “Families push their children to work and employers are the only winners at the end because they exploit children and make them work for next to nothing.” Most Jordanian experts in the field of children’s rights believe the problem will not be solved by passing another law or making speeches about the need for children to be in school. The children need both legal and economic assistance since children are essentially helping their own poor families to survive by working and ending their ability to work only increases poverty.

It is estimated over 250,000,000 children in the world are engaged in work when they should be in school. Some countries are experimenting by paying children for every day they are in school in order to connect going to school with dealing with poverty by linking the ability of the child to earn money with her/his need to be in school.