Children Are Victims Of Adult Anger

Three frightened anxious teenagers are somewhere in the Middle East and they just want to go home. They decided to hitch hike in the night, something anyone who has ever hitched hiked knows is dangerous.(I hitch hiked across America and never once did it in the evening). They made a mistake, but a teenage mistake is no reason that children should be placed in harm’s way. The Israel government insists the kidnappers were from Hamas. This is an assumption. It might be accurate or it might not. The ONLY important issue is the safe return of these kids. Prime Minister Netanyahu has ordered the arrest of 240 Palestinians, including 50 who were released in exchange for a captured Israel soldier. Netanyahu insists these arrests “send an important message” to Hamas. It is clear that he intends to destroy Hamas.

Ironically, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority is very upset at this kidnapping. He has offered his government’s support in the search because he realizes that Prime Minister Netanyahu is using these children for his political purposes. He wants to end the Hamas -Fatah desire to end their conflict. Netanyahu WANTS Hamas to return to violence, this allows his government to build and build and build on the West Bank in the name of-SECURITY.

How about:

1. Enlisting the support of President Abbas in finding the missing children?
2. Asking Abbas to work with Hamas leaders in order to find the children?

Bibi, the children are the issue, not your political aims!