Children At War In Africa

There are about 6,000 child soldiers fighting in Darfur as the Sudan continues its brutal campaign against inhabitants of that devastated region. Over two million children in the region have been impacted by fighting in one way or another, but many have wound up as soldiers carrying out the murderous orders of adults. Ted Chaiban of UNICEF, emphasized the gravity of the problem by noting every army in the region is drawing upon children to fight their battles. “All of the armed factions and groups in Darfur have used children. The number of children(soldiers)that we estimate exist in Sudan is 8,000 children. Of the 8,000 children we estimated that 6,000 children are carrying weapons.”

He discussed the impact on these children of spending months, if not years in the presence of soldiers who encourage them to kill and mutilate civilians. Given the inability of any outside group to enforce a cease fire the prospect for these children is not bright.

  • paul oram

    there is no financial gain for anyone to resolve this and many similar problems around the world and basically until there is then they will remain unsolved leaveing just a few hardened humanitarians struggleing with a problem we would all like to see resolved .there was in the past something to be said for colonial rule where we could at least rule these countrys into some sort of order and hopefully give them a better quality in life ,although this was never always sucessful , its overwhelming the scope of works that needs to be, to organise these countries into a better civilistaion and there will always be factions that are none responsive and we will be drawn into more armed conflicts with to few resources and no returns over an area that is unpoliceable

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