Children Of Violence

First, let me make it clear that violent actions by young people are part of our historical heritage. There have always been violent young people and there always will be violent young people, this is simply part of the human condition. A trio of teen nut cases were engaged in some sort of conflict with a fellow student at a high school which concluded with three of them luring Dustyn Murlain into a shed–the lure was Jenna Montgomery who offered her body for his desires. Once Dustin entered the shack he was hit with a crow bar and shot into his groin with a BB gun by Jess Taylor and Blaze Keimbach. The trio of desperadoes proceeded to beat the hell out of their captive and conclude with carving a Swastika into his forehead.

I assume we shortly will learn that Dustyn was not an angel and had prior contacts with the dynamic trio of who regard themselves as crusaders for decency. This is simply another example of the madness which now lingers in our nation. Ted Cruz is simply a symbol of madness and stupid behavior. Three more to join the crowd of hate and anger.