Children Of Wealthy Study Philosophy

After teaching at colleges for fifty years, I am not surprised by recent figures released in the United Kingdom by the Sutton Trust. It reveals that children who come from the economic upper strata of society are more prone to focus on subjects such as history, philosophy, medicine which enable them to secure a position at a university and spend their lives engaged in contemplating navels and discussing how many angels fit on the tip of a pin. Although, this group represents about 9% of students, they represent 31% of students studying these courses as well as those focusing on languages. They also are 23% of business majors and 17% of those who will teach. Those from the underclass study subjects leading to jobs because they live today, not based on money from the past.

These are not new or unusual figures, They have always been true and, undoubtedly, will continue being true. The British government is considering doubling tuition costs over the coming five years and dramatically reducing government aid to universities. Ah, the end result is known, children from poor or lower middle class families will suffer–as they always do in a capitalist driven society in which money not only talks but determines your future occupation.