Children Rule Israel’s Foreign Office

Israel President Shimon Peres apologized for the childish behavior of his nation’s foreign office and insisted “this should not be connected to the whole state or to all diplomats” and insisted it was “the mistake of one man, not of the state.” Even as he spoke these words, the Israel foreign office blasted 17 members of the Knesset who sent a letter of apology to the Turkish government for the disreputable behavior of the deputy minister of foreign affairs. “Ayalon respects the 17 MKs who apologized, but where were they over the past two years of anti-semitic broadcasts in the Turkish media and unbridled criticism of Israel from Anakara?” And, to top off their stupidity, the deputy minister’s office publicly said about the deliberate insult of the Turkish ambassador, “we had to start making noise.” These are the words of immature children, not of diplomats.

We beg to differ with President Peres, but the truth is that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman cooperated with Danny Ayalon in planning this childish display of temper. The problem is not that Israel has incompetent diplomats, the problem is that inept, ignorant and racist bullies like Lieberman are in control of foreign policy. This is akin to having Rush Limbaugh as secretary of state and Sarah Palin as assistant secretary of state. When will the people of Israel take the chip off their shoulders, look in the mirror of truth, and admit they have made mistakes. Israel is not solely responsible for difficulties in establishing peace with Palestinians since there is enough blame for numerous nations and leaders, but Israel society increasingly refuses to be self reflective and has a knee jerk reaction to anything by shouting anti-semitism.