Children’s Hour As Republicans Attack Republicans!

Once again the American public was treated to a session of the Children’s Hour in which Republican candidates for the presidency demonstrated why  not one is qualified for anything other than town dog catcher. Herman Cain set the tone by declaring, “if you don’t have a job, and your not rich, blame yourself.” Currently there are five people seeking each job opening so by definition four are to blame for not getting the job. Rick Santorum and Rick Perry went after George Romney for his Massachusetts health care bill. That was the bill he was for before discovering being for it lost votes and came out against what he fought to become a law.

Newt Gingrich joined in attacks on Romney health care before Mitt pointed out to Newt that he got the health care idea from him! Mitt admitted he was the author but emphasized he was now against what he was for. Michele Bachmann said something but it got lost in the exchange of who was for what when. Ron Paul scolded Herman Cain for blaming victims, but this only proved to Herman that Ron was just another poor schmuck who somehow became a congressman.

Anyway, mommy came along and sent the children to bed–that is after washing out their mouth with soap.