Children’s Hour In Middle East!

Last month the deputy foreign minister in Israel decided to humiliate the Turkish ambassador so he arranged for that person to be seated in a lower chair and then refused to even offer him a cup of tea or coffee. This was to show the world that Israel does not treat decently those nations which insult their actions in the Middle East. Yesterday, as Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan was prepared to visit a city in his country someone created a huge poster which depicts Israel President Shimon Peres in the act of bowing to Erdogan. Naturally, the Turkish Prime Minister insisted the poster be removed.

A major problem in the Middle East is the presence in Israel of Avigdor Lieberman as the foreign minister of a major nation. This man leans toward childish activities and has absolutely no talent in the world of diplomacy except to endorse activities like having an ambassador sit in a lower seat. Isn’t it time Israel sent mature individuals as their diplomatic representatives?