Children’s Hour Popular In Israel

For over half a century, Turkey was the only Muslim nation which recognized Israel and cooperated in many areas such as commerce and joint military operations. Two years ago, Prime Minister Erdogan became furious at Israel’s invasion of Gaza and demanded an end to the blockade. This was the incident that finally drove a friend into an antagonist. The recent fleet of Turkish ships sent to block the Gaza blockade were boarded in international waters by Israeli soldiers who then proceeded to become engaged in fights with passengers. The jury is still out regarding who initiated violence, but to Israeli supermarkets it was time to add another foe to the ever increasing list of anti-Israel nations. The Mega and Rami Levy supermarket chains announced a boycott of Turkish products. As Rami Levi noted, “For reasons of ideology and conscience , it would be unacceptable for us to do anything when Turkish people behave this way… I want to give them a taste of their own medicine.”

As I recall, Israel is furious at boycotts of their products initiated in other nations. Of course, when your nation is always right and the world is always wrong, how can one go wrong for having a boycott, especially when one is against boycotts? Israel, more than any nation in the world, works hard to antagonize other nations. The entire nation should be awarded a Nobel Prize for shooting themselves in the foot. Believe it or not, people of Israel, but it is theoretically possible that your nation makes diplomatic mistakes.