Chile Students Protesting, Next American?

Thousands of students in Chile took to the streets demanding education reform and an end to profit making schools which are supported by the government. Using Facebook, students held a kiss-in, ran around the presidential palace, and dressed in superhero costumes in order to express displeasure at failure to reform their system of education. Nearly 900 students were arrested by riot police who use batons and gas in order to disperse the crowd.

La Polar, a retail chain, had its stores set on fire due to fury at its policy of saddling customers with outrageous interest rates on overdue accounts. Students expressed anger at private hospitals which impose a 100% surcharge for babies born after business hours. I find it shocking that babies don’t have a sense of responsibility to have themselves born during business hours!

For months, hundreds of high schools have been seized by teenage students. They want changes in the curriculum. The government of President Pinera is suffering from a continue drop in support for him, latest polls indicate his popularity is only 26%. Perhaps, Pinera should contact the Tea Party for advice on how to get it even lower.