China Again Clicks Button On Tibet Clique Complaint

The Chinese government is so concerned in proving to the world the Dalai Lama is part of some grand conspiracy aimed to obtaining independence for Tibet, it is incapable of ever actually listening to the words of the peaceful leader of his desire for autonomy within the nation of China. Once again Chinese official sources claim the Dalai Lama is on a global tour aimed at pushing the idea of a “China threat” to the West. China insists, “some forces want to use Dalai clique to put greater pressure on China” by internationalizing the Tibet issue. It is upset the “Dalai clique” wants an investigation into events of the March riots in Tibet. The bottom line, according to Beijing, is that “after five decades of life in exile, the Dalai clique has learned how to cater to the West by flaunting human rights, peace, environment protection and culture, among others.”

Perhaps, there is another way to examine the issue of spending half a century in exile. Perhaps, the Dalai Lama seeks to achieve peace for his people and some form of protection of their cultural values within the greater context of life in a Chinese nation. Perhaps, there is no “clique,” but only frustrated people seeking to reconcile their desires for a peaceful resolution of issues.

  • xiaoyong

    There is Only many ‘perhaps’, so at least I can see that you are a little vigilant not to fall in a ‘misery trap’ of half century of exile.
    If you examine the history of Tibet under Dalai Lama, you will know what kind of culture and what kind of human right he wants to protect, which is only theocracy and slavery under a crude antique religion.
    Only at this time can tibetan people live in peace and development in modern civilization with their own religion, but of course they have abandoned the crudest elements of the old.
    Why are the Dalai clique frustrated? Because they are abandoned by history and ‘his own’ people in Tibet, who were only his slaves in the past, but now, they are themselves the lords of their land. Can they welcome Dalai back to be their king like past?
    All the western people know that once people are used to democracy and liberty and human right, they will never come back to the time of theocracy and slavery. We doubt why they cheat themselves and want so much the tibetans to go back to the darkest time in Tibet?
    And another thing, Tibet was united into China since 13 century, and never seperated from the other chinese nations, and much older than any other modern countries in the world, but they insisted that china invaded Tibet in 1950.
    There are many places which should be liberated from the colonization of western countries like U.S. , U.K., etc., and they wanted freedom, and the western countries repressed them by force; and there many countries invaded now by western countries, but without even accuse. How can some western people ignore everything that really happened in China and accuse China without ashame?

  • Fred Stopsky

    You ae right to raise issues concerning the feudalism that was common when the Dalai Lama ruled. The issue is really one of respecting local cultures, allowing freedom of speech, and allowing freedom of assembly. Do you wish to argue there is freedom of speech, press, and assembly in China?