China Allows Foreign Media Into Tibet

The Chinese government announced that hundreds of Tibetans who engaged in anti-government protests have surrendered to authorities. State run media reports about 800 people have turned themselves in to the police. Police have a list of about 53 people they seek as instigators of protests and have arrested about 22. At the same time, it is allowing foreign journalists to return to Lhasa, supposedly in hope they will report that peace and calm have returned to the angry nation.

The Chinese government claims that only 22 people died in the riots but Tibetan sources place the figure closer to 140. The uprising was undoubtedly the most violent since China gained control of Tibet. It will be interesting to discover the extent of freedom allowed journalists to speak freely with Tibetans about their feelings and to provide TV footage of damage. The behavior of China in the coming months may well have an impact on whether ther are some forms of protest at opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games.