China And USA Agree On One China Policy

The Chinese Communist government expressed its appreciation to the United States for supporting the principle of “one China.” The Taiwan government has been making noise about an effort to declalre Taiwan and independent nation and seek membership in the United Nations. Over fifty years ago when defeated forces of the Kuomintang conservative Chinese government fled the mainland in the wake of victory by the Communist Chinese, their presence on the island of Taiwan has been a continual source of conflict. About twenty years ago, the United States finally abandoned its support for the Taiwan government dreams of reconquering China. As Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi told visiting US naval commander, Admiral Timothy Keating, “the Chinese side appreciates the United States government’s adherence to the one Chine policy and its oppositiion to the Taiwan authorities efforts at a referendum on Taiwan’s membership in the United Nations.

The Taiwan government has to accept reality and work toward closer cooperation with the Chinese Communist government. One day, Communist China will become a democratic society and until that time arrives, there is need for peace between the two entities.

  • nibor

    China’s REAL “One China” policy is to create the CCPA (Communist Central Party of America). They are accomplishing this task via lobbyists and graft. They are accomplishing this task by taking advantage of weak US government policy that allow Chinese government back businesses to purchase land and businesses in America, BUT, American businesses or the US Government cannot purchase land or businesses in China. What is wrong the the US Government. Why doesn’t the US Government protect the interestests of the America?

  • Fred Stopsky

    I doubt if there will ever be a Chinese Communist party in America. You are right in stating China is heavily investing in the US. That is good news. Since we owe them $3 trillion they will hesitate to do anything to disturb the American economy.