China Arrests Monks In Tibet For Acts Of Violence

The world has responded with concern and assistance after the Chinese earthquakes which devastated regions of the nation and left thousands dead. There was an ourpouring of love and warmth as anti-Chinese feelings began to vanish. Instead of building on those positive feelings toward China, the government has decided to once again engage in a public relaitons fiasco by resurrecting the Tibet issue which essentially has disappeared from the foreign press. Xinhua News Agency announced that 16 monks had been arrested for planning violent acts ranging from blowing p an electric substation to a post office to a fuel dump and to private homes. The monks, for some reason, willing confessed while being questioned in a police station.

Naturally, the Chinese government blames foreign propaganda for influencing the minds of the monks and causing them to become terrorists. Of course, the notorious “Dalai Lama clique” is charged with being behind the alleged attacks. Of course, no such attacks ever occurred and no one was killed or injured, but the Xinhua News Agency is certain the monks are guilty.

When will the Chinese government ever learn to move away from preaching hatred toward the Dalai Lama and work with him to bring peace to Tibet. He is clear in seekng conciliation and peace.

  • Cardano

    Planting and fabricating of ‘evidence’ is a stock standard practise of the Han Chinese Communists.
    As for the riots, all the available evidence paints a picture of a most contemptible plot, and of depraved CCP machinations in Tibet. But alas, this is not the first time and really should surprise no one:

    • The CCP has orchestrated the “riots” in order to discredit the Tibetans and their cause with their own constituency.
    • To divert the anger of 1.3b Han from their vile government towards the Tibetans.
    • To mute and discredit any, well inticipated, pro Tibet protests in western countries.
    • To ‘train’ their troops on real people in a ‘warlike’ situation.
    • To justify their brutal clampdown on the Tibetans and to maintain a complete news blackout on Tibet. Even though they signed up to free access for all journalists from all over the world attending the Olympics, this is their depraved way out of this promise.

    The background to the riots as it happened:
    Eye witness account:
    Inside Tibet by Dispatches: