China Backs Pakistan, Pakistan Backs Muslims

The communist government of China has a dilemma. It has given great financial and military support to Pakistan in order to establish an alliance with a nation that currently is close to the United States. But, unlike the US, the nation of China has millions of Muslim citizens who are concentrated in rural areas of the county. Historically, most people in the province of Xinjiang province were Muslim, but over the past few decades millions of Hans entered and Muslims are now a minority. The result has been growing violence.

The Chinese government charges that  terrorists were trained in Pakistan and carried out attacks in Xinjiang province which resulted in the death of over a dozen people. Authorities noted: “the heads of the group learned skills of making explosives  and firearms in overseas camps of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement in Pakistan before entering Xinjiang.”

So, what future for China? Provide weapons to Pakistan which, ostensibly. will be used to strengthen Pakistan in its conflict with India or face the possibility these weapons will wind up in the hands of Muslims in Xinjiang province? it is the same dilemma facing America in Pakistan since weapons sent to the Pakistan military all too often wind up in the hands of the Taliban.