China Begins Addressing Needs Of Migrant Workers

The plight of migrant workers in China has been a major concern for years as their movement into urban areas has opened the doors to abuse and exploitation of the rural wanderers. The Chinese government has finally established a special department whose task is safeguarding the rights of migrant workers, help them secure training, and ensure safe working conditions. It will ensure migrant workers get their wages on time, sign labor contracts that are enforced, obtain job training, and be able to participate in social security programs.

A major issue facing China is transforming an army of migrants who lack education into the world of the 21st century which necessitates high levels of skills. Since the 1990s, millions of farmers have migrated from their homes to work in factories, mines and in construction. Their treatment at the hands of unscrupulous businessmen and foremen has long been a national scandal.

The Chinese government is also placing three migrant workers into the country’s parliament so they can express concerns of their fellow migrants at the highest level of government.