China Blasts Taiwan And US Aid

Taiwan leader Chen Shui-bian formally submitted a request to the United Nations to have Taiwan become a member of the body. His proposal was denounced by China’s foreign ministry since China regards Taiwan as still part of the nation of China. Foreign Minister Jiang Yu also expressed his nation’s anger at continued American sales of weapon to Taiwan noting China’s “position is consistent and clear” that the United States should cease arming Taiwan.

Sometimes, one can only wonder what transpires in the mind of President Bush. At present, although the Taiwan-China issue has not been resolved between those two areas, given time it may well be with some type of “independence” for Taiwan based on the Hong Kong model. But, continued sales of weapons to Taiwan only confuses the situation and makes more difficult a peace resolution of the conflict. This is the time for America to urge Taiwan to cease focusing on arms and focus on conflict resolution strategies.