China Censors Vulgarity

China’s Press and Publication administration gave the Chinese people a Christmas present on December 25 by announcing a new crackdown on “vulgar” video and audio products. According to the government agency, some of the video and audio productions are coarsely made, contain materials that are in bad taste and replete with sexually suggestive language and are “absolutely erotic.” They even have pictures of half-nude women. All such productions will now be subject to review by the government.

One can only assume the people in charge of ensuring there are no “erotic videos” have agreed upon a definition as to what constitutes “erotic.” Of course, one can only wonder why the Chinese government is upset over “half-nude” images since in American that would be considered a lot better than the visual presentation of completely nude women– and men. I assume the video police will have an interesting time viewing the material, or, will they be subject to the same ban on watching some images?