China Charges Nobel Not Noble

The Chinese government is somewhat upset at the manner in which the Nobel peace prize is awarded these days and has concluded the committee simply is not adhering to the ideas of Mr. Nobel’s will. Sir Alfred Nobel had three criteria for the Peace award: promoting peace between nations and national unity, who promotes disarmament and who helps bring about peace conferences. For some reason, the Nobel peace prize committee has only seen fit to identify two Chinese people as deserving of the award, the Dalai Lama and Liu Xiaobo. As we all know, this Dalai Lama guy has been fostering disunity in China and attempting to persuade people to dislike the government. And, since the government is freely elected by those who run the Communist party one would expect that some member of the party would receive the award. But, not, the committee prefers handing it out to a CRIMINAL in jail who has been charged with subverting the state of China!

Isn’t it about time the Nobel committee awarded its Peace prize to those who are best able to enforce peace within their country. OK, so they sometimes use a bit of force, OK, so they sometimes beat up a few people, but the end result is peace and quiet. Isn’t that what Sir Alfred Nobel wanted in the world? I think the jailers of Liu Xiaobo should be given his prize. They have been able to keep him quiet and in a state of peace, they have been able to ensure there is no violence against the government, and they, can guarantee tranquility in the nation of China. Can Mr. Liu Xiaobo offer similar assurances?