China Claims Dalai Lama Is Defender Of Serfdom

Jiang Yu, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, denounced the Dalai Lama as one who represents the old feudal serf system of Tibet’s past and is only interested in returning to power so he can once again enjoy the benefits of oppressing the people of Tibet. His only goal, according to Yu, is restoring his “paradise in the past.” She accused the Dalai Lama of formenting recent riots in Tibet as part of his campaign to discredit the people of China who seek to help Tibetans by improving their lives. However, Ms. Yu said her government was more than willing to talk with the Dalai Lama. “Our door to conduct dialogue with the Dalai Lamas was open in the past and is still open.”

If the door is open, then both sides should walk through it and initiate the long overdue dialogue. That is, if the door is really open.