China Complains Of Western Media Bias

The Chinese government came out swinging aganst what they termed “Western media bias” which has depicted riots in Tibet as being caused by China and ignores the violent behavior of Tibetan protestors. Many Chinese bloggers are furious at the refusal of the Western media to discuss what they term to be widespread violence and killing on the part of Tibetan demonstrators. For example, Chinese authorities claim BBC carried a picture with the caption: “there is heavy military presence in Lhasa” even though the picture showed a Chinese ambulance. American Fox News was charged with publishing a photo with the caption: “Chinese toops parade handcuffed Tibetan prisoners in trucks” although the photo was that of a policeman from India dragging a man away. There are also charges of Western media showing photos of Nepalese police in riots with Tibetans but captions claim Chinese police are engaged in the activity.

There is undoubtedly some truth in the Chinese complaints about bias. There is no question most people in the West have been furious at the heavy handed Chinese government’s policies toward any form of dissidence. Given that history, it is not shocking Western media outlets would jump at the chance to depict China in an unfavorable light. One solution is for China to grant freedom to Western media and to allow dissidents to openly express their views. Such an approach would begin to dissipate the issue of bias.

  • Anonymous

    I think the logic that the Chinese government’s restrictions on western media, is justification for fabricated stories and unfair bias, is completely nonsense. This is like saying you are free to airspray graffiti on someone’s house because he denies you entry. Generations of effort by the western media to build credibility among Chinese people, especially the younger generation, is now completely wasted. Most of Chinese who reads will never trust a single word out of CNN, or Washington Post again. Congratuations. This is the best dream come true for the communist.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree with your comment

  • Oleksandr

    First of all, how chinese people can trust their own media that are filled with propaganda, untruth and intentional misinterpretation?
    “western media bias” if ever existed, is incomparable with chinese propaganda in its scales and consequences.. I was borned and lived in USSR, and I saw how ugly and badly information can be modified. Confusion and ignorance are the best friends of any rogue state.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I suspect a large portion of the Chinese population would agree with your comments about their government’s bias and untruth. It is also important that western media be absolutely certain about accuracy of events when reporting about Tibet.

  • Qin

    i’m shame you western for your words.

  • Fred Stopsky

    I’m ashamed a great nation like China is run by men who fail to respect the rights of their own people.

  • Han Zhang

    To Fred Stopsky – I am a Chinese citizen, born and raised there, and I do NOT feel at all that my country is run by people who fail to respect my right and the rights of other citizens!!!

  • Han Zhang

    And instead, I feel strongly that the biased Western media failed to respect my rights!!!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I agree there was biased reporting of events in Tibet, but that does not excuse denial of human rights to the people of Tibet.
    I assume you are aware of the hundreds of dissidents in China who are persecuted.

  • Dottie Howe

    good luck