China Condemns US Congress Human Rights View

The Chinese government reacted with anger to a US Congressional resolution which condemned its policies on human rights and failure to take action in Myanmar and the Sudan. The American statement was issued in order to ensure the Olympic Games “takes place in an atmosphere that honors the Olympic traditions of freedom and openness.” Congress demanded that President Bush take a strong stand on human rights issues in China. Chinese Foreign MInister spokesman, Liu Jianchao responded with anger: “The United States should firmly curb the odious conduct of a small group of anti-China lawmakers. The resolution itself is blasphemy to the Olympic spirit,and is against the common wishes of people around the world, including people in the United States.” He was furious at what was termed an effort of “politicize” the Olympic Games.

China has the opportunity to take a stand for human rights in Sudan, in Myanmar, and within its own boundaries, but instead its leaders believe making money is always paramount in their conception of foreign policy. China ignores how its action in support of human rights in Zimbabwe could assist efforts to create a coalition government in that nation which would focus on rights of people who have been oppressed. The American Congress is correct in demanding action by China.