China Cracks Down On Forced Labor

The Chinese government has decided to crack down on those who abuse workers by making them labor for extra hours without sufficient payment for services. A draft amendment to Chinese law states, that those forcing others to labor through violence, coercion or the restriction of personal freedom will be subject, in addition to fines, to a maximum of seven years in prison. The proposed law is a reaction to recent events which entailed abuse of individuals. Last year, 10 were arrested for beating and forcing 32 mentally handicapped people to work in brick kilns in slave-like conditions. The new law also makes criminal assisting others to abuse workers.

My only question is: “if it will soon become illegal to force others to work under inhumane conditions does this also apply to the Chinese government which compels individuals to labor under conditions which they believe strips them of their humanity? Does censorship of ideas constitute abuse of humans?

Ah, what a wonderful day when leaders of the Chinese Communist Party are in jail for abusing the rights of workers!!