China Cracks Down On Tibetan Monks

The Chinese government is continuing its pressure in Tibet in fear the anniversary of last year’s crackdown will spur new action on the part of people. Nearly 100 Tibetan monks have been arrested or turned themselves in after large numbers of protestors attacked a police station. Many were upset at the disappearance of a man who was in custody of police or had fled them. Early reports are that some police and government officials were slightly injured by those angry at actions of authorities. Zhaxi Sangwu, is an advocate of Tibetan separation from China and after police arrested him his friends feared for his safety.

It is not surprising that Tibetans are upset at the heavy handed approach of the Chinese government. Sometimes, simply allowing people to protest and let off steam is the best way to avoid serious confrontations, but that approach is not one that will ever be tried by the current leaders of China. They prefer using force in hope that force alone will quell anger. They apparently forget how Chinese communism succeeded in overthrowing the Chinese government.