China Defends Dictatorship As Example Of

The Chinese government is upset at constant criticism of its democratic policies which are based on the right of its people to elect any Communist they wish, provided that the person has the approval of the Communist Party. A Chinese reporter charged America and England were hypocrites because their own laws allow the government to put people in jail who disagree with the government. He pointed out the US Penal Code makes it a crime to advocate the overthrow of the US government as do laws in the UK, France, Canada, etc… So where do these nations get off claiming the Chinese government did anything wrong by placing in jail someone who just won the Nobel Peace prize? Of course, it is one thing to have laws that make illegal advocating the overthrow of the US government and actually wining a court case against anyone who spoke such words, but never engaged in a plan of violence. The US Supreme Court doctrine is that speech is illegal only when its use leads to damage to others. The famous, you can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater is the example of limiting freedom of speech.

It is about time that China begins to act like a great nation and cease becoming upset because some people urge free elections and demand freedom of speech. I assure the government of China that not even George Bush was dumb enough to place on trial someone who just won the Nobel Peace prize.