China Demands End Of US Arms Sales To Taiwan

The ever present issue of Taiwan continues interfering with relations between the United States and China. In 1949, as Chinese Communists took control of China, its deposed leader, Chiang kai- chek, fled to Taiwan with the remnants of Kuomintang troops. Since that event, the presence of an independent Taiwan has created turmoil and hostility between the United States and China. The Chinese government is upset at sale by America of arms, ammunition, and anti-missile equipment to Taiwan. It is difficult uncovering a logic al reason why Taiwan needs anti-missile arms. If, in the unlikely event, China launched an attack on Taiwan, such equipment would be destroyed within hours. China is ready to make some sort of agreement with Taiwan that might be accepted by both parties. For example, Taiwan could acknowledge it is a province of China, but is granted local autonomy and retention of its democratic rights. Perhaps, not a perfect solution, but one that would end the silly concept of an independent Taiwan that requires arms to fight a war that never will occur.