China Faces New Islamic Group In Xinjiang Province

The Chinese government is working hard to present a picture of a nation enjoying prosperity and free of ethnic or cultural conflict, but there are persistent signs hostility to the dominant Han majority is widespread . The city of Kashgar lies on the old Silken Road which historically was a gateway to the West and many of its people still cling to the Muslim faith which was brought to them hundreds of years ago. Chinese authorities in the city have been busy spray painting signs on dusty mud brick walls put up by the Islamic Liberation Party which calls for a new Islamic ruled nation and driving out the Han Chinese immigrants. Its goal is creating a pan-national Muslim state or caliphate. And, there has also emerged the Hizb ut-Tahrir who are regarded by Chinese authorities as terrorists bent on creating discord.

The city of Kashgar now has signs put up by Chinese officials warning the people “the Islamic Liberation Party is a terrorist organization” or urging people to avoid contact with the Hizb ut-Tahrir. Kashgar is a divided city with veiled Muslim women walking along the streets with Han Chinese women dressed in jeans. Problems in Tibet may have been a prelude to more extensive problems that might arise in Muslim areas of China.