China Fury Over Police Brutality!

A photo of a plainclothes policeman pulling a naked woman by the hair during a prostitution bust has created a furor all over the Internet. The photo was taken by local media and even the official newspaper, China Daily, printed the material. One online user noted, “police in the mainland grab a person’s hair in the process of law enforcement, and forcefully take naked photos by violent means.” Videos are now circulating online which depict the police busting down the door of an upscale massage parlor and demanding of a naked woman prostitute, “how many have you had tonight?”

This is simply one of several such examples of brutality on the part of Chinese police as well as threats to women who refuse to have sex with officials. A poll published by a news website affiliated with China’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate reveal that 57% of people believe “prostitutes also have basic human rights.”

  • EvilChina

    As If China has basic Human rights for ordinary people. Everyday innocent people mostly non han chinese origin people being slaughtered even worse than animals. China is a Evil power and Enemy of the world.
    China Plans a massive global depopulation within next 15 years. So target to eliminate 4 billion of world population. Recent H1N1 was a recent test for bio-weapon project of china. Evil chinese scientist implanted new generation H1N1 viruses in Mexico. Vaccine manufacturers compensated china very generously for helping them to make good money
    Wait for more next 4 years worse outbreak on the way. China going to test DNA selective viruses.