China Helps Myanmar In Its Propoganda Campaign

The Chinese Daily, a mouth piece of the government, published a propoganda article by Foreign Minister U Nayn Win of Myanmar, which blamed any violence on”political opportunists” who were backed by “some powerful countries.” According to the new version of reality, Burmese security forces displayed “utmost restraint” in the face of violence by monks and protestors. The curfew was imposed because monks and their supporters became unruly and tried to force security forces into acting violent.” According to him, “normalcy has now returned to Myanmar” and a “neo-colonialist” attempt to take over his country has been thwarted.

We can expect in the coming days for Myanmar and the Chinese press to present a new view as to what happened on the streets of Rangoon. Undoubtedly, everything will be blamed on wester colonial forces who were attempting to overthrow a peaceful Myanmar government. One suspects, in one way or another, George Bush will enter the story. Hundreds have died and been imprisoned in this latest attempt at democracy. The tragedy is China’s support for what happened.