China In Afrca Economically-US In Iraq, Militarily!

During the past few years while the United States pursues its military ventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, the government of China has been actively pursuing its own ventures, economic that is, in many parts of Africa. The Chinese goal is to initially create five economic zones in parts of Africa in which they will heavily invest money and seek to tie the area to the Chinese market. Zambia has already been identified as one such zone and the mining area around the town of Chambishi will receive $800 million from China for economic development purposes. Tanzania has also been identified as a second China-Africa economic zone and it will receive $500 million. Cape Verde’ government is seeking to become a third economic zone and even major nations like Nigeria are in early stages of discussions with China about becoming economic areas tied to the Asian market.

The Chinese government has a five year plan to create five such economic zones in Africa. It is no wonder, China prefers America being tied down with military ventures in the Middle East which allows other nations to become economically invested in developing the future of Africa. There are those who still believe military expeditions add to a nation’s wealth, the evidence of China in Africa proves the reverse. Avoid military expenditures and invest your resources in economic development is a Chinese approach which is proving successful.