China Insists Not Us, It’s Them In Darfur

The Chinese government is furious at a BBC documentary which showed Chinese made trucks which were sold after the 2005 embargo operating in Darfur. The BBC also charges China is training fighter pilots for the Sudan air force. Liu Guijinm, China’s special envoy to Darfur charges the BBC with b eing biased and singling out his country while ignoring what other nations have done in Darfur. “the program is strongly biased. China’s arms sales were very small in scale and never made to non-sovereign entities. We have strict end-user certificates.” Recent figures indicate China is only responsible for 8% of the Sudan’s arms purchases between 2003 to 2007. The Chinese insist western nations are m ore involved in arms sales in Africa than any Asian nation. Liu charged “a minister of an African country told me at an international conference in March that the Darfur has been dragging primarily because rebels keep getting arms from Western countries… and those arms are more advanced than the ones being used by government forces.”

One can agree that China alone is not responsible for the war in the Sudan, but it certainly has not done anything to support UN sanctions on the Sudan. China just vetoed efforts to halt the brutality in Zimbabwe which again illustrates its indifference to the forces of violence being curbed. The Janjaweed who are used by the Sudan government to kill, burn and rape use modern weapons and airplanes as part of their attacks on innocent civilians. China is supporting a government that has killed thousands and driven a million from their homes. If China wants respect from the world, it is about time it showed respect for the oppressed people of Africa.