China Issues New White Paper On Rule Of Law

ssThe Chinese government issued a new document entitled “Chna’s Efforts And Achievements In promoting the Rule of Law” which containseight statements covering topics regarding how leadership will strive to ensure the people of China live in a society in which they enjoy the protection of law. The document naturally contains the ususal rhetoric about legal systems and “Safeguarding Human Rights” although there is no acknowledgement there have been serious breaches of these rights today and in the past. It claims “a legal system compatible with the socialist market economy has basically taken shape.” Unfortunately, dissidents who are harassed and imprisoned would hardly agree with such lofty words.

There is no question the rights of Chinese people have been greatly extended, particularly in the economic sphere of life. The document speaks about the National People’s congress being able to exert legislatuive power but China lacks real political parties and free elections. The Chinese people and the world anxiously awaits implementation of the rule of law which is compatible with those rights as exercised in many nations of the world.

  • journeyer58

    China and “the rule of Law.” This is the most egregious example of an oxymoron in the English language I have ever seen in my entire life. To say that China is a country where the rights of the citizens are effectively and carefully guarded and that no one is denied basic human rights, one need only ask the Tibetans and the campaigners for the right of dissent, do you have these basic civil liberties? But then again, in the US, there will no longer be those very same rights, that we have enjoyed for over 2 centuries, because of a certain House Resolution that passed with an overwhelming majority, 404-6. This bill represents the tearing down of the very foundation upon which our country was built, that of freedom of speech and thought. The right to change the public discourse through logic and even protestation, if necessary. No more will there be street protests, people speaking out at city assemblies, people writing to the editors of their local newspapers, writing in blogs about the government’s programs. Dissent as we know it will be gone and in its place will be the pablum of news and reports that have been censored by the government, much as in the case of the film, “Good Morning, Vietnam.” Nothing will get to you the consumer unless cleared by those in power, putting an imprimatur and blessing upon someones news coverage. We are fast becoming a society, much like the fascist countries where no one will speak out for fear of losing everything they have and the right to live by reason of the fact that all dissent and disagreement with the government will be outlawed soon. Look for this bill to pass the Senate soon and be on the president’s desk signed, sealed and delivered, before the next presidential election. At which time, the current president will declare martial law and suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights and there will be no election at which Barack Obama will be elected president. You think that I am fooling you? You think, ahh this is just some of the rantings of a person with “conspiracy theories” on the brain? Look for yourself at HR 1955 and then tell me I am wrong. You will be appalled that this bill made it out of the House with such a wide margin of support from those members who proclaim themselves the champions of liberty and freedom. No more! No way! No how! This will not happen, it will never be instituted in this country. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID.

  • Fred Stopsky

    1. The United States of America is among the few nations of the world which has never experienced a military overthrow of the government. There is no evidence US military leaders would ever allow a president to impose martial law and govern as a dictator.
    2. You forget there are 50 governors, a Supreme Court, etc… Of course, no one can disprove something that has not happened.
    3. During WWII, there were elections, Republicans daily blasted President Roosevelt, 70% of the newspapers opposed him, and except for the Japanese Internment, the basic rights of most Americans were still in place.
    4. You ignore that last September, Bush lost control of Congress and he took no action.
    5. Barack Obama or John McCain will be elected and George Bush will head back to Texas next January. There will be no martial law or any of the terrors you believe will occur.