China Issues White Paper On Human Rights

I realize there are people in the world, and in China, who do not appreciate efforts of the Chinese government to protect free speech and other freedoms for its citizens. A new White Paper assures the people of China, “the overall issue of human rights has been promoted in an all-round way.” It adds the government has used the Internet in order to solicit views of Chinese people as to which laws should be passed. The government has also established website where anyone can report cases of corruption. Of course, there is no mention as to exactly how many of these reports have been translated into action such as arrests. I assume that waits for issuance of another White Paper. I realize there are malcontents in China who do not appreciate the White Paper’s assurance of how political rights have been extended. “The Chinese government is working actively to make government affairs public, improve the official spokesman system and information transparency.”

OK, we know there are political prisoners in jails throughout China. I wish each and every one would read this White Paper, show it to your guards and I am confident your releases will be forthcoming. It says so in the White Paper!