China Lags In Female Political Leaders

Huang Qingyi, vice-president of the All China Women’s Federation blasted his nation for its failure to include more women in positions of importance. “There needs to be more female leaders in more senior positions in China. And, that includes the very highest leadership.” Historically, males have dominated top positions of the Communist government and the few women tend to be present more for show than for power. Ms. Qingyi pointed out that women know have equal educational levels with their male counterparts but this is not reflected in positions of responsibility in the government. Although about 40% of civil servants are women, few rise to higher managerial positions in government. At the 11th Annual People’s Congress earlier this year, women accounted for just over 21 percent of the deputies while at the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference they were just under 18 percent of those attending.

It is generally agreed that gender inequality is prevalent in most aspects of Chinese society including the business community. Six out of ten unemployed people are women.