China Opposes Kosovo Independence

Jubilant people in Kosovo celebrated the birth of their new nation, but Russia and China expressed strong displeasure at this move and placed blame on the United States and the
European Union. Russia expressed its view that “we strongly warn against any attempts at repressive measures should Serbs in Kosovo decide not to comply with this unilateral proclamation od independence.” The Chinese government also expressed anger at the announcement. “Kosovo’s unilateral act can produce a series of resutls that will lead to sereiusly negative influence on peace and stability in the Balkan region and on the realization of building a mlti-ethnic society in Kosovo.”

Both Russia and China contain peoples of diverse cultures and backgrounds so they oppose attempts by ethnic or racial groups to separate from the mother country. China is not concerned so much about stability in the Balkan region as it is within its own nation which contains large numbers of minority groups like the Tibetans who would love to be an independent nation.

At this point in time, the Russian government is posturing but it is doubtful if it has the capability of confronting the European Union or the United States in a military standoff.