China Rejects Dalai Lama’s Proposals!

Surprise, surprise, the Chinese government has flatly rejected proposals from the Dalai Lama aimed at resolving problems between the people of Tibet and Chinese leaders. In a statement issued on Monday, the government said, “the unification of the motherland, territorial integrity and the national dignity are the greatest interests of the Chinese people.” It made clear no concessions will ever be offered to Tibetan leaders. Chinese officials said there had been no progress with Tibetan representatives because “the Dalai Lama said on many occasions that when the People’s Liberation Army entered Tibet, Tibet was an independent country and that now Tibet is still an independent country which was illegally occupied.” It insists the Dalai Lama is defying China by refusing to accept that Tibet was never an independent nation and that Communist troops never invaded Tibet because that entity was always part of China.

The Dalai Lama has repeatedly indicated he has NO desire to fight for an independent Tibetan nation. He has repeatedly stated his willingness to have Tibet remain part of China but seeks greater local autonomy and respect for the traditions and values of the people of Tibet. One can argue endlessly if Tibet in the past was independent, but Tibetans are willing to accept the current status quo.