China Shifts To Conspiracy Theory On Tibet

The Chinese government either does not seek to listen to what the world is saying about what happened in Tibet or it deliberately is seeking to blame outside forces as being responsible for widespread anger at the violence in Tibet. Chinese authorities now claim the entire world wide expression of anger was organized by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation. The Foundation, which receives considerable support from the German government, supposedly coordinated its plan with the Dalai Lama to create turmoil in Tibet and thus damage the Olympic Games. The entire operation in Tibet according to this latest manifestation of conspiracy was designed with one end in mind– destroy the Olympic Games and thus damage China’s reputation in the world.

The Chinese government is upset at Chancellor Merkel’s decision to meet with the Dalai Lama and her expression of concern over events in Tibet. A conspiracy approach to world problems only serves to ignore fundamental reasons why people in Tibet are angry and what happened when the world witnessed heavy handed attempts to crush the spirit of the Tibetan people. There is no question Chinese economic investment in Tibet has raised living standards, but failure to recognize the desire for Tibetans to have greater autonomy is a manifestation of the government’s inability to accept the need for greater democracy in the entire nation.

  • zy

    if you know nothing about the history of tibet,you have no right to talk about tibet!!!

  • Fred Stopsky

    The issue is the rights of Tibetans.

  • xiaoyong

    The problem lies in that, who want greater autonomy from whom, by what way? Does Dalai Lama represent the tibetean people? The leaders elected 100% by tibeteans themselves cann’t represent the tibeteans?
    Dalai Lama is only a religious leader, who was the king of Tibet, commanded 95% tibetean people as slaves, and demanded independence which never existed in history with violence. If he just be a religious leader, we will welcome him back to his homeland. But what he wants is completely political. He wants to drive out all the other nations out tibet and other places which were habitated originally other chinese nations. He want to be both the king and bhuda.
    That is theocracy. If you think this is western democracy, if you think this represent the human right, so you can go to the heaven offerred by Dalai, but the other 95% tibeteans and all the chinese will not. Congratulations, you have got the human right to serve Dalai.